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Now you can transform the way you work with comprehensive, dynamic student assessments that simplify the advising process once and for all, so you can spend less time interpreting data and more time interacting with students.

  • Encourage


    course completion

  • Improve


    first-year retention

  • Boost


    graduation rates

Proactive, predictive analytics and alerts

Uniquely yours

Uniquely yours

The truth is this: your campus is reflective of the students you serve. And both your campus and your students are unique and require a tailored assessment model that understands that.

Custom assessments

Custom assessments

That’s why we analyze the last four years of your institutional data: to set goals based on your campus profile, to better understand what success looks like for your unique student body, and to create a roadmap towards your best campus.

Simplified support

Simplified support

But we also go one step further to ensure advisors can take those insights and set proactive, realistic student goals for at-risk students based on your institutional profile.

Comparison and analysis

“We know involvement is important to student success but have little to no understanding of student’s experiences outside of the classroom”

When paired with Connect, you can fully harness your student demographics, academics, finances, and engagement to ensure you have a dynamic student assessment model.

Meaning: staff can proactively make better decisions to increase student retention and engagement.

Comparison and analysis

Conversations and updates

“Our current systems don’t allow for any sort of efficient communication or collaborative processes.” - Jason (University of Central Florida)

Administrative staff need the ability to do more with less. With Advise, we give you all the tools you need (like notifications, updates, alerts, and messaging) on a singular dashboard, so you can wave hello to increased collaboration and goodbye to decreased functionality.

and updates

Appointment scheduling

With simple appointment management, missed appointments, miscommunications, and lack of engagement are now a thing of the past

Instead, students and staff are able to establish an on-going relationship that ensures a healthy support network and helps students get back on a successful track.

Engagement alerts

By streamlining early alerts for at-risk students, Studium’s comprehensive model allows advisors to work proactively towards student retention before it’s too late.

Admins are then supported with automated continued engagement reminders and suggested actions to simplify next steps and ensure students get the support they need to get back on track after their appointment.

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