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Ignite student opportunity with a centralized resource for everything campus has to offer.


Join campus organizations

Discover events

Build peer-networks

Receive university alerts

Build vertically with Manage and Advise administrative apps

Seamlessly integrate with LMS and SIS

Aditional Features

View department, student and organization profiles

Read up on campus news

Chat with direct and group messaging

Create and organization collaborative study sessions

Manage your student organization

Customize your feed with interest tags

Get personalized involvement recommendations



Stay one step ahead and transform your institution with streamlined management tools and comprehensive campus oversight.


Easy organization registration submission and reporting

Frictionless administrative event planning

Real-time organizational financial management

Actionable student and community data

Seamless SSO integration with LMS and SIS

Aditional Features

Student involvement demographic analysis

Student organization roster management

Campus event creation

Event results and attendance

University alerts and other real-time communications

Importing, exporting, and storage of important data, insights, and receipts

Application activity logs and notifications

Receive activity notifications

Connect and Advise app compatibility


AdviseComing soon

Experience the new student identity with real-time student engagement and behavioral insights that simplify the advising process.


Collaborative advising processes

Accurate, real-time analytics

Student-at-risk alerts

Comprehensive retention and engagement analysis

Seamless single sign-on integration with LMS and SIS

Aditional Features

Complete 360° student reviews

Course completion analysis and attendance reports

Appointment scheduling

Academic program planning

Application activity log and notification

Students task assignment

Real-time communication

Connect and Manage app compatibility